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The series of 3 wooden pieces of furniture offers your favourite books an exceptional home. “Bücherthron” (book´s throne) and “Schmökerhocker” (browsing stool) additionally function as seating-accommodation, thus they make up a new type of furniture.
While “Bücherthron” primarily provides space for pocket books and newspapers, your beloved coffee-table books will find room in “Schmökerhocker”, which provides those of us, who prefer to sit and read on the carpet, with a comfortable backrest.
The natural habitat of “Nachtlektüretisch” is your sleeping room, where this bedside cabines will huddle against any edge of your bed.

All pieces are made from European beech and have been treated with linseed oil. They are currently exhibited at PASSAGEN 2013 at ‘Salon 2’ from 14.-20. Januar 2013